This website exists to fill a knowledge gap.

Why us? Why here? Why now?

Simply because it appears none of the Chinese CDC, the US CDC or the Canadian CDC are collecting the sort of data every doctor asks nearly every patient they see, namely what medications are you taking?

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda said during a webcast interview with the editor in chief of JAMA on March 18. “We really need to get data, and we need to get data fast.”

To capture this data in a single source we created this website.

This website is GDPR and HIPAA compliant and runs safe harbor collecting only basic anonymous demographics, the COVID-19 disease data and the medication history.

We have a hypothesis (theory) and it is very simple. It seems entirely possible:

  1. Some of the medications people take may be protective for COVID-19
    • We all hope this is true and that repurposed drugs like Kaletra and Hydroxychloroquine will help.
  2. Some of the medications people take are neutral for COVID-19
    • This seems reasonable and it would certainly be reassuring for people to know.
  3. Some of the medications people take may increase the risk of COVID-19

We want to prove or disprove this medication impact hypothesis. We should already know much of this but we do not.

There are two very unusual things about the observed risk factors for COVID-19:

  1. Are you aware of a single disease ever, other than heart attacks and strokes, which targets people with hypertension?
  2. Across time we observe children tend to die of infectious diseases at a higher rate than adults so why are virtually no children dying of COVID-19?

There simply must be a reason for these two highly unusual observations. This disease is represents the first time in recorded history we have ever seen such a pattern.

There are other oddities about the pattern of disease, like why are there so few deaths in India - with 1.3 billion people and definite exposure surely we should be seeing carnage there on a scale that dwarfs the disasters happening in Italy and Spain?

Now I'm sure you've all read the various theories, like the one that ACE Inhibitors and ARBs increase the levels of ACE2 and, given that is the entry vector for SARS-CoV-2 this may be the explanation. Or maybe it's the one that Ibuprofen is dangerous and Panadol is safe.

We do not have the data to know either way. If this data is being collected it is not being published. If this data is not being collected it is a major oversight.

On the question of what drugs we can repurpose we are seeing trials of all sorts of things but consider this.

We already have over a billion people around the world taking thousands of different drugs. Many have been infected, and many more will be infected. If we simply collect data on their outcomes we will have the largest clinical trial in history that could report results this week.

These billion plus people are already dosed up, they are being exposed to SARS-CoV-2 so all we need is data about their clinical outcomes. If we had that we would be able to identify all the drugs that seem protective. Not just some, ALL.

There is an old medical aphorism that goes "More is missed by not looking than not knowing" - Dr Thomas McCrae 1870-1935.

We are not looking. We should be looking. Let's think globally but act locally and collate this data for analysis.

We will provide daily snapshots and the data we collect will be released each day so it can be independently analyzed by research teams anywhere in the world.

If you can contribute data about your patients, yourself, or a loved on here there is a chance we can clarify if some medications represent solutions and others problems. Perhaps, just perhaps this data can terminate this pandemic.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of: who provided the database data we use in the medication autosuggest, GP2U Telehealth who provided the services of master programmer Alan Haggai and Art Shectman and his team at Elephant who provide coding, counsel and camaraderie during a time of personal crisis in NYC.

This website is entirely privately funded by concerned citizens and is not affiliated with any Pharmaceutical Companies. We are not seeking donations but a big shout out to all those who have offered. We can be contacted via our LinkedIn profiles or by requesting a call via our live chat team.

Our singular goal is to let the data speak its truth, whatever that truth may be. Please join us in looking for solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr James Freeman and Dr Peter Connaughton

Dr James Freeman